Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes this machine different from the others?


No other machine provides better picture quality, faster channel switching, and more stable streaming than this one. This machine uses an Android-based operating system with all the features and capabilities of Android. Browse the internet, watch Youtube, Skype, Email, download applications + more (using a wireless keyboard) on your IPTV box!


Q: Can I use my machine anywhere in the world?


Yes, anywhere where internet is available (min 3 Mbps)


Q: Are you adding more channels?


Yes, we're always adding more channels. New channels are automatically added through our servers to your machine. You won't have to lift a finger!


Q: How do I use timeshifting?


Pleaserefer to the videos under the Technical tab above and follow the instructions.


Q: Do I have to use an HDMI cable?


No, you can use the provided RCA complosite cable. However, HDMI cables provide better video and audio throughput.


Q: Are there any contracts I have to sign? Do i need to privde any personal information?


No, not at all. No contracts and no personal information whatsoever is required to make any purchases. 


Q: When does my term expire?


For 12 month subscriptions, your term expires after 1 year from the date of your first connection. So let's say you connected your machine on 11/5/2013 with a 12 month subscription. Your term will expire on 11/6/2014.


Q: How do I get the latest firmware?


Send an email to and we will send you a link containing the firmware file. Instructions will be included on how to download, unzip, and flash the file to your machine. 


Q: Where can I get my device updated, serviced or repaired?


Contact your reseller for faster service.

للمساعدة التقنية 

For Sales, Repair, Service, Parts, upgrades and software updates please contact Zahran at

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